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16oz Corduroy Red Carter Move Mug | Fellow

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We never understood why to-go tumblers made design decisions that compromised the coffee drinking experience. The senses–taste, smell, and touch were ignored, while durability and extreme heat retention were prioritized. Why not both?

Consider your commute covered with the Carter Move Mug. Designed to amplify the senses and engineered to fit your travel needs with a snap-in splash guard and a slim width, Carter Move Mug is ready to roll!

Customer Reviews

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It does just what it says on the mug!

Once again Fellow have produced a fantastic product that is colourful, spill and leakproof, easy to hold and it fits in the car mug holder! The extra detail of the ‘splash’ guard so you don’t get a ‘white' moustache when you are drinking your coffee on the move is awesome.
Not only that it makes this bald, overweight, old man look trendy, slim and attractive when out and about! :0)

Jiwoon Whang
prompt delivery. great product. highly recommended.

I had a carter everywhere mug for half a year, and recently I took a coffee break from driving, left it on the dashboard, and drove off.... then realised it like 15 mins later, the mug was gone. I drove back to the busy A road that I drove past earlier. I retrieved the mug bit, but I couldn't find the lid anymore. The mug bit, despite being bashed around by cars driving 50mph (or more), only had a minor dent on the bottom but not even a scratch on the rim, where you drink from. I still use it as a mug at home. SUPER ROBUST product.
I ordered another one from coffeebox, where my wife ordered my original carter everywhere from, but after 3 weeks of no response, they came back to me saying they don't have a stock. NOT recommending that shop. with frustration I came to coffee merch, and within an hour, BOOM I got the confirmation and got the product in 2.5 days after that. SUPER HAPPY with the service and the product. This thing keeps drinks warm all day, like my 480ml brew at 7:20AM will still be warm by 15PM, with lids open/close throughout the day. I made iced coffee one day, and 1 hour after I finished the drink (the lid on the whole time this time) none of the ice metled. I'm all for this product, it's absolutely worth every penny. It's pretty and the new MOVE model even fits most of car cup holders (everywhere version is quite bulky, but you can use aeropress straight without funnel) some people might not like screw-top for driving, but the new splashguard kinda compensates it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Stop searching around, this is the travel mug you're looking for. I was worried about the 160z size being too big to hold comfortably because I have quite small hands, but it's absolutely fine to carry around by hand and it fits into my bag's side pocket. It's leak proof as well, so I can put inside my bag no problem. I make my coffee about 7AM and drink it throughout my work day - it's still pleasantly warm by the time I'm heading home. Its comfortable to drink out of as the rim is very thin and there's no weird taste that you can sometimes get with cheap/plastic ones. Very easy to clean. The Corduroy Red version is a really nice colour as well. Would definitely recommend you buy from Coffee Merch as they're the best value I found.