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24 Pack of Cupping Bowls | Barista Hustle

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Ceramic cupping bowls are far from perfect. They're expensive to ship, break easily, and steal heat from the coffee. Barista Hustle Tools Cupping Bowls solve all of these issues in one fell swoop. Matt from Barista Hustle personally designed every cubic millimetre and sourced specific material, ensuring these bowls are zero compromise.


Almost Unbreakable

Off a cupping lab table or down the side of a cliff at origin, Barista Hustle Tools Cupping Bowls can withstand any fall. You could probably break the legs off with a well-placed golf club, but that's not SCA cupping room protocol. Good luck doing it with a spoon.



The six wings beneath the lip enable easy stacking for efficient storage and anxiety-free transport. They also completely drain and dry themselves when stacked upside down after washing.


Minimises Heat Loss

Weighing in at a mere 45 grams, these bowls will only steal 5°C of water temperature when filled. Your average 200 gram ceramic bowl will instantly suck up 13°C. Whether you use boiling water or 93.58°C, your coffee will be extracted consistently closer to your set point. The drop in temperature over time will remain fairly similar to ceramic, as the water's surface is where most of the heat is lost over time. You'll also be able to move these bowls off your brew scales immediately after pouring without burning your fingers!


Precise Volume

Every bowl is exactly the same volume, to the millilitre. They're designed so ~12 grams of coffee grinds and 200 grams of boiling water will sit right under the rim. Accurate pours without scales are possible, but of course, we recommend weighing every bowl.


100% Food Safe

No fillers, colours, allergens, heavy metals, or toxic mould release agents. BPA free, phthalate free, and zero androgenic or similarly suspicious chemicals. Made from FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 3.2a, certified for food contact without temperature or food-type limits.


100% Recyclable 

HDPE was chosen because it is 100% recyclable with current techniques. The "2" in the triangle on the bottom tells your local recycling company what it’s made of for efficient processing. That said, these bowls should last a lifetime. Please give them to your up-and-coming-cupping-champion kids rather than throwing them out. But if you have to throw them out, please recycle!


Taste & Odour Free

HDPE is what commercial chopping boards, water pipes, and milk bottles are made from. It doesn't hold water or leach anything into water. It's dishwasher safe, UV resistant, and can withstand all chemicals found in the hospitality environment (though we'd recommend staying away from scented dishwashing chemicals).