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Ceado E37R Espresso Grinder | Black

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Everything you love about Ceado technology. This Espresso Grinder guarantees high-performance output with every grind of coffee beans.

Thanks to the 400W motor of the Ceado E37R Espresso Grinder, you will surely be amazed by its exceptional performance every time you make a cup of coffee at home.

Steady Lock Grinder

Ensuring a constant distance between the burrs to keep the chosen grinding consistency, this system is unique in the world.

Quick Set

The revolutionary stepless grinding adjustment system, makes it incredibly simple to obtain the best suited particle size to each coffee you make.

Touch Display

With the touch screen display the design of the E37R Espresso Grinder is enhanced elegantly - with no more buttons to press, you can get where you need to be instantly with just a simple touch.

Hands-Free Operation

The standard portafilter catch means the coffee doses can be ground into the filter holder, leaving your hands completely free.