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Fellow Duo Coffee Steeper | Deep Blue

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Duo's full immersion and etched steel filter ensures a full bodied, clean tasting cup. Much like a French press, Duo's brewing chamber lets coffee grounds hang out in hot water for a full immersion and robust extraction. Unlike the French press, Duo's double filter ensures no gunk at the bottom of your cup. While maintaining the crispness of a pour-over, Duo also eliminates the tedious, manual process involved with pour-over methods. There's no worrying about under-extracting coffee and ending up with sad, brown water.

Other Details

  • Duo brews a mean cold press and Japanese-style iced coffee.

  • Duo's tea filter is sold separately for steeping loose-leaf tea.

  • Duo holds 24 oz of water and brews about 21 oz.

  • Duo's Instructions and Warnings