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Cleaning Equipment

Cleaning your espresso machine is always a must. Ensure that your coffee stay squeaky clean inside and out, even after a busy day, with the Puly Caff Green Powder and the Puly Grind Box.

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  3. Cafetto Evo Espresso Machine Cleaner - 500g
  4. Cafetto Renew Descaler - 4x25g Sachet Box
  5. Cafetto Spectra Descaler 4x25g Sachets
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  6. Cafetto Lod Green | Organic Descaler - 250ml
  7. Puly Caff Green Powder | 510g
  8. Puly Grind Box | 10 Doses
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  9. Cafetto Swivel Head Cleaning Brush - Replacement Heads (2 Pack)