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Play Wormy On Your Stagg EKG

Play Wormy On Your Stagg EKG

| Will Martins
Fellow don’t like designing products that are like anything else on the market. That goes from unique shapes to powerful features to secret video games. What? Yep, you heard correctly. They hid a game called Wormy in every Fellow electric kettle. If you’d like to unlock the game without our help, break out your kettle’s safety and instruction guide included in the box and stop reading now. A hint is hidden in the copy. Otherwise, we’re about to break down how to activate Wormy.
WHAT IS WORMY? Wormy is Fellow's version of the classic cellular phone game Snake. Wormy appears on your electric kettle’s LCD screen hungry for bow ties. Use the knob to feed Wormy as many bow ties as possible.

Video Game Wormy on Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle

Corvo EKG and Stagg EKG

1. Activate Wormy on your EKG by taking the kettle off of the base and toggling the F/C switch back and forth quickly.
2. When Wormy appears on the screen, your mission is to eat 40 Fellow bow ties in the shortest amount of time. For example, a time of 1:10 beats a time of 1:15

3. If you win the game, take a picture of your time on the kettle base’s LCD screen in order to be considered for the official Wormy World Championships ranking.
4. If your time beats or comes close to the current world record, email the picture along with your name and location to wormychamps (@) They’ll be keeping a leaderboard of the top 10 Wormy players in the world.
5. For extra fun, tag @fellowproducts and @espressosolutions on social media with the hashtag #WormyWeek. You never know what surprises we have in store!

Wormy World Championships Logo
Jordan Piche of Fort Collins, Colorado is the current world record holder with a time of 46 seconds.
Can you beat him?
Ready, Set, Wormy!