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Carter Move Mugs with Splash Guard | Fellow

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We never understood why to-go tumblers made design decisions that compromised the coffee drinking experience. The senses–taste, smell, and touch were ignored, while durability and extreme heat retention were prioritized. Why not both?

Consider your commute covered with the Carter Move Mug. Designed to amplify the senses and engineered to fit your travel needs with a snap-in splash guard and a slim width, Carter Move Mug is ready to roll!

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Rajat Sharma
Great mug

Great Mug!

James Carter

I had been looking at the Chilly's but have been seeing the Fellow products about for the hipster coffee drinker. The options were fantastic on the website and the delivery was amazing, the main reason I went with Coffee Merch is because they had the best prices on the internet (and I spent a lot of time looking). The cup itself is fantastic, I need my coffee and rather than buy decent fresh coffee and avoid the work coffee, its nice to make it at home, but my car has terrible cup holders and this fits perfectly. For use around an office or home, its perfect, for me working 14 hour days though I am going to need to upgrade to a larger one soon. It keeps its heat really well, I was worried with past ones which can get broken in dishwashers they stop holding the heat, but my Carter Mug, is perfect, it's usually six hours before i get to drink it and its as hot as if it came straight off the machine. The product is great and Coffee Merch is fantastic, shall be coming back for my larger one.

D roby
Best coffee mug ever

Other mugs do not come close to the quality of this brand.