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Ceado E37SL Espresso Grinder | Black

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Designed to offer consistently fresh grinding, this Espresso Grinder will help you make one great cup of coffee after the other.

The Ceado E37SL Espresso Grinder guarantees a fantastic cup of coffee with every grind due to its electronic ventilation control which disperse heat, even in the most challenging operating conditions. 

Steady Lock Grinder

Completely unique to the world, this system ensures a constant distance between the burrs, allowing to keep the chosen grinding consistency.

Quick Set Gear

The Quick Set Gear mechanism is made by harmonious Italian craftmanship and lets you adjust the grind consistency with one simple gesture.

Touch Display

No more buttons to press - with a simple touch, you can easily get where you need to be with the touchscreen display. 

Active Thermal Control

The exclusive automatic thermal control system protects the consistency of the coffee from the excessive peaks in temperature normally created in the grinding chamber and helps you make the perfect cup of coffee for yourself and your guests.

Silent System

Ceado coffee grinders are some of the quietest on the market due to their innovative mechanical suspension of their motor and soundproofing.