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Latte Art: How to Pour a Heart ❤️

Latte Art: How to Pour a Heart ❤️

| Emily Viljoen

Wanting to improve your latte art skills? Follow along to learn how to make the perfect heart. 

To start you will need a pulled shot of espresso and some steamed milk. 


Start by pouring the steamed milk into the espresso, do this from a slight distance from the cup. Make sure to pour everywhere in the cup, to keep the espresso moving. Keep going until the cup is 50% full. 


Once at 50%, bring the milk jug down to close to the surface of the coffee, this allows for the foam to be 'kicked' out of the jug and settle on top. Pour in the middle to form a 'ball'. 


The longer & faster the 'ball' shape is poured, the bigger the heart will be. Once the majority of the surface is covered by the 'ball', you will need to cut the heart. 


To cut the heart, stop pouring into the 'ball' & lift the milk jug higher. Pour from above, steadily through the 'ball', not too slow or fast. Pulling up once you have gone through the 'ball', to finish your pour.


Enjoy sipping hearts!