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Which Acaia Coffee Scale is the best for you?

Which Acaia Coffee Scale is the best for you?

| Agnete Westphal Johansen
Choosing the best Acaia Coffee Scale for you might seem overwhelming. In this blog post, we guide you through the best Acaia scales available, so you can choose your favourite today.

If you're a coffee enthusiast, you know that brewing a perfect cup of coffee requires precision and attention to detail. That's where the Acaia coffee scales come in. These innovative scales are designed specifically for coffee brewing, and they bring a whole new level of accuracy and control to your morning cup. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the features of the Acaia coffee scales, and guide you to which one would be appropriate for your home brewing setup. Whether you're a seasoned barista or just starting out on your coffee journey, the Acaia coffee scales are sure to help you brew better coffee and make every cup a truly enjoyable experience.

Acaia Pearl


Award-winning and reimagined, the Acaia Pearl coffee scale boasts classic features, improved design for precision and ease, and new modes like real-time flow-rate indicator. Elevate your pour over skills or simply monitor weight and time - the choice is yours.

The Acaia Pearl has 7 modes, including Weighing Mode, Espresso Mode, Timer Mode, Auto Start Mode, Beverage Mode, Auto Tare Mode, and Calibration Mode.

The Pearl scale has a real-time flow-rate indicator, new weighing technology, and optimised sunlight readability, making it a coffee scale you don’t want to be without.

Find it here.


Acaia Pearl S


The Acaia Pearl Model S is a professional-level smart scale perfect for coffee brewing. With essential brewing modes, real-time flow-rate display, sound notifications, and an interactive brewing guide, it gives you all the tools necessary to create the perfect cup.

The Pearl S has 7 modes, including Weighing Mode, Dual Display Mode, Pour Over Auto Start Mode, Portafilter Mode, Espresso Mode, Flowrate Mode, and Flowrate Practice Mode.

With the interactive brewing guide, the Acaia Pearl S is designed for you to develop and share your own brewing recipes. So go ahead and be as creative as possible with the Pearl S coffee scale.

Find it here.


Acaia Lunar 2021


The Acaia Lunar scale has been redesigned for precision espresso brewing. Its water-resistant aluminum construction and Acaia's industrial weighing tech ensure fast, accurate results. The scale fits perfectly onto espresso machines, making it perfect for commercial and home environments.

The Lunar scale has 6 different modes, which includes Weighing Only Mode, Dual Display Mode, Timer Starts With Flow Mode, Auto-Tare Starts With Flow Mode, Auto-Tare Auto-Start Timer Mode, and Auto-Tare Mode.

The Lunar boasts a high readability of 0.01g for extra digit accuracy in espresso weight, making it one of Acaia’s most precise coffee scales.

Find it here.


Acaia Pyxis

The Pyxis scale is light, precise, and fast with a readability of 0.01g and a capacity of up to 500g. Its compact size and slim design make it easy to travel with and it includes a handy carrying case.

The Pyxis scale has three modes, including Weighing Mode, Dual Display Mode, and Auto Start Mode. Although it may not have as many modes as the previously mentioned scales, the Pyxis is without a doubt the best coffee scale to bring with you on coffee conferences, holidays, and family visits around the world.

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