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How to Upgrade your Fellow Ode Grinder with SSP Burrs

How to Upgrade your Fellow Ode Grinder with SSP Burrs

| Emily Viljoen

The Fellow Ode Brew Grinder is a great grinder. With the help of SSP Burrs, you can push its limits and enhance your Fellow Ode's performance.

After many Fellow Ode owner's were experimenting with swapping out the stock Ode burrs with SSP burrs and seeing great results, Fellow decided to run their own tests. They have since confirmed that SSP burrs can improve certain aspects of the Ode's performance. It is now possible to purchase the Fellow Ode with SSP Burrs already fitted, however, this is only available in the US. So follow along and see that replacing them yourself isn't too tricky. 

What are SSP Burrs?

SSP are a family-owned, specialist boutique burr manufacturer in South Korea. They design and produce burrs in a range of popular formats and sizes that can be used to modify the performance of a grinder with stock burrs. 

Should I Upgrade My Fellow Ode Burrs?

The Fellow Ode already offers a great grinding range with the stock set of burrs that covers the most popular brewing methods. However, you may find with a lighter roast, you cannot grind fine enough. 

The SSP Fellow Burr Upgrade offers up to 200 microns finer than the stock set of burrs which provides you with lots of flexibility when it comes to different brew methods that require finer grinding. SSP burrs have also been reported to produce less fines (tiny coffee particles that can cause unpleasant bitter flavours in your brew), this means your coffee can be more balanced in flavour and sweeter. 

The SSP burrs have a coating known as Red Speed (burrs made from titanium aluminium carbon nitiride. This coating increases the lifespan of the burrs by five times, meaning that with normal home use they won't need replacing anytime soon.

How Do I Fit SSP Burrs?

You first have to check if your ode is compatible as some of the early models are not. If your Ode was bought after October 2021, you should have no problems with upgrading your Ode. If you aren't sure how old your grinder is, you can contact [email protected] for support.

Next, make sure you have the correct SSP burrs to hand. We hold UK stock of the SSP 64mm Multi-Purpose Set for the Fellow Ode.

We recommend the following guides from Fellow on how to change and calibrate the burrs.

How do I install and calibrate SSP burrs in my Ode Brew Grinder?

Fellow - Changing/Replacing Ode Burrs Video Guide

Happy upgrading!